AIT buys land in Taipei to build residence for its staff


AIT buys land in Tianmu to build residence for staff working in new Neihu complex


but why Tienmu?
It’s still far away from AIT by 大湖.
Only direct path between the two areas is by bus, taxi, or Uber. Stupid.


American school if I had to guess.


Which is now more a private school for rich Taiwanese kids of dual citizenship listed company owners and less a school for true Americans living here. They can have TAS.


They’re a business. How many Americans living here can actually afford to go there without assistance? They get a lot of donations from these dual citizens so. A giant new tech building is built from donations.


Should change name to Taipei Foreign School.


Well they’re an American school because they teach with an American curriculum if I’m not mistaken. I don’t think you need an American passport to go there, just a none roc passport.

They are technically an international school, with a name of American school because they teach from an American curriculum. The kids there I’ve met are all pretty nice to me when I was there doing sports programs.

So basically they are a Taipei foreign school.

The school isn’t bad at all. Even the rich snobby kids are wayyyy toned down compared to other wealthy schools I’ve seen in the US.

One girl at my school got a pink Range Rover for her 16th birthday with actual diamonds encrusted into the cars body. She wasn’t well liked because you can probably guess she was absolute nightmare and entitled princess. Sl people used to chip the diamonds off lol. I think she hit like 3 parked cars just in our parking lot alone.


TAS, as mentioned by @Andrew0409. Parents would rather live close to the school than close to the work place.
Tianmu isn’t what it used to be but it’s still a good family-friendly choice for people who may not come to Taiwan for the long term and are maybe not used to Asia or bigger cities. It’s Taipei light and Taiwan extra light.

I’m sure there will be a bus service (with some security protocol), more than enough local companies would offer their services I believe. Hopefully the northern part of the circular line (Xinzhuang-Shilin-Neihu) will move forward at some point in the very distant future.


Ahhh…Tienmu, it had more foreigners in the 1970s/1980s than it does now. A bit of an empty shell of its former self…


Why would your say most foreigners don’t live there anymore?


What do you mean? I don’t understand your question


Sorry @Andrew0409
I wasn’t supposed to quote the above instead of your comment


Way fewer westerners now in Taiwan than back in the day. More people from South East Asia but for most of them Tianmu would be a bit of a stretch, cost wise.


Yes, thats what I mean.


The only point that comes to my mind is the cost. But it doesn’t get cheaper living in 東區 as well, unless the rooftops etc, eating is cheaper out of Tienmu though.


Taipei Rich Taiwanese-kids who want to be Americans School


Couple of pals who worked for AIT were living close to Taipei 101. Rented by AIT. First place was huge and old and had a boatload of problems. Second place was OKish but terribly overprized. They were experienced globe trotters, having moved around teh world several times, and yet tghey found the area mostly inconvenient, even though I think it is the most pricy in Taipei. I concur.

IMHO, conditions are much better in Tianmu. You have hiking areas, plenty of parks, supermarkets, affordable rstaurants, schools and school related amenities like buxiban and clubs and soccer teams, big hospitals nearby. If I had a family, I´d definetively prefer Tianmu. Far warmer also in terms of people.

I bet AIT will be saving a lot of money in teh long run with its own dorms. Plus it will be easier to ensure the safety of its workers, which these days, even in Taiwan, is an issue.


I respect and accept why some people really like living in Tienmu but whenever I go there myself, don’t understand what the hype is all about. It does seem very quiet compared to most other parts of Taipei which I guess explains part of the appeal.


Tienmu best days are behind it, especially without a central located MRT.

Most all things those type of families need is located around Tienmu not only Americans.

AIT already has a housing area, plus a language school, up the hill towards YMS so it’s easier to manage.

Probably partial selection was based on vote of current residents who preferred tienmu over Neihu, even though they all do a weekend run to Costco.


I agree. The only that would pull me out of Tienmu is the price of housing, if you want to buy a condo it is almost the same as many others in East District. But the environment there is much easier for families and kids, feels almost not Taipeish