AIT buys land in Taipei to build residence for its staff


The way Tienmu is over-hyped in some circles sort of reminds of how Dulan (near Taitung) is totally over-hyped in some circles (such as Lonely Planet). Yes, Tienmu’s best days were in the 1970s.

But, I can understand its appeal to families. Agree that it almost doesn’t feel like your’e in Taipei.


And I thought people would discuss this news as a sign of US long term commitment to Taiwan… But now it’s a “Tianmu good or bad?” thread…:roll_eyes:


I would not consider building the AIT building a sign of USA long term commitment to Taiwan. That’s all just standard planning that goes with any USA personal located anywhere.

The TRA Taiwan Relations Act is essentially the sign. USA could change and bail in an instant (although Congress does not move fast) and could not care less about a few buildings.

No one’s going to say “hey we can’t leave Taiwan because we have those buildings there”.


Taipei Fake Foreign School


‘Taipei International School’


until about 2000!

Tianmu is easier to get to the ‘American Club’ with swimming pool!


Taipei Japanese School is located across from TAS. But I hear their enrollment has been in total free-fall over the last 15-20 years which is not surprising.

Tienmu still appeals to certain members of the foreign community, but that’s about it. I’m not American or even Caucasian so can’t relate to its appeal.


Tienmu has a pretty nice environment so I’m not surprised people like it. I lived there when I was younger,not much happened there, there were barely one or two foreign pubs in the whole area, it was great for zooming up to yangmingshan though .


But it is an international school. They just teach from an American curriculum.


I don’t know how much it would impact TJSs enrollment. TAS doesn’t really take in many kids. They are always full.