Aiyo : Japanese restaurant

yeps that’s what’s written in English. In chinese they call it ‘Lan Wu’ or b lue house. It’s located behind Forumosa Regent in the Shin Shin Dept. Store on the 2nd floor.
Phone 2541-6320

We love the place. had Lunch again today, so I thought I’d wrote about it. It has kitschy discoish Japanese decor but I like the multi leveled cubicles, how you have your own space but you can still feel the buzz and atmosphere of the place.

The food is good, especially for someone who like me can’t stand sea-food. We had a set meal of chicken for 300 NTD and everything in it was yummy. The husband ordered fish, there was Kimchi for 40 NTD, and even the fried rice for 130 wasn’t bad. The Satay platter was okey dokey…all in all with drinks et al a meal for 2 adults and 2 kids was 1200 NTD, but we didn’t have sushi rolls and the like but they aaren’t expensive. Lovely, ungreasy fare. I especially liked the soup that came with the set meal (not Miso).

The service was Excellent. The Salads, and side dishes were quick to arrive, they refilled our glasses regularly with the rice tea, courteous staff, the satay platter took some time, but we had other stuff to eat.

Nice way to spend a Saturday afternoon!

What a coincidence, I ate there this past weekend also.

I really liked the interior setup. Each table is like a glass encased booth/cubicle. Very cool feeling.

The food was pretty good. We ordered a sushimi boat platter which included Uni! I also ordered a “snow fish” combo(forget what it’s called in English).

Service was good especially with the service button placed at each table.

The only thing that wasn’t up to par was the dessert ice cream. It was the ice-encrusted, brittle kind of ice cream. You could tell it was cheap, low quality ice cream.

You’re right, we chose the caramel milk pudding, it wasn’t exotic or anything but the kiddos loved the icky thing that looked like Tofu, anyways, dessert was just incidental that day, and yeah I like the buzzers.