Ajooo...no sound on my laptop

My roomate was using laptop, and received a song from someone …and now I don’t have sound. I checked the volume settings, nothing is on mute. I also checked the keyboard shortcuts…they are fine.

any ideas?

That happens to mine sometimes too. I usually just restart the computer and it’s fine. It sometimes also comes on if I hit the keyboard a couple of times. I kid you not. Just give it a couple of good whacks. Works for most appliances.

Restart’s a good idea. Dunno about hitting the keyboard.

Remember the volume might be adjusted in two places, the mp3 player software and the computer’s own volume control

its been turned off for hours…i checked the volume everywhere…winamp, realplayer…theyre all ok. I hate computers…they are evil evil things.

just a rollback of the soundcard, it should be fine… if it still doesnt work, it must be a software problem/conflict.

Does the laptop maybe have a real mute or off switch somewhere? My previous Asus had one.
As well some laptops maybe able to mute the sound via the Function keys (Fn + some other key) - any speaker symbol (often in a different color than the letters) on one of the keys?

Mine had a volume knob ? Look for a knob and then give it a twiddle.

I bet if you throw it against the wall it will make a noise.

I think I will have a lot more fun throwing the flatmate against the wall!

there is only sound when I plug speakers in. I guess I should take it to the shop… :unamused: