Al Gore can't handle the truth

Al Gore can’t handle the truth

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More on Truth being Inconvenient for the AGW spoof.

"Just simple questions destroy the thesis of manmade global warming. Here are a few to ponder: "

“Al Gore might want to have a chat with a few of the solar scientists. They’d tell him that they’re a little worried right now. Seems the Sun has gone unexpectedly quiet. The start of Sunspot Cycle 24 is now a year late and several are making predictions for a thirteen year cycle instead of the normal eleven year one. Last time this happened was in the 16th century and things got mighty cold. Some Russian weather scientists are predicting for a fall of 1.5 degrees C in global temperatures over the course of the next Sunspot cycle. Going to be interesting to see how the GW crowd is going to spin that.”

The fun never ends…

It’s the sun (again) , OMG, that has never occured to anyone before, and backed up with evidence from Mars. Al must be shitting his pants trying to avoid these questions.

More seriously, the answers to these questions have been discussed ad nauseum. The sun has not had any unusual activity over the past few decades, it has been pretty solidly discounted as the cause for the current warming. Realclimate has many articles and links to dozens of studies, heres one for you … r-forcing/

Sounds like an expert to me.
“Common sense & a little historical context” also lends one to consider the damages brought about by rampant industrial progress, fueled by extractatory monopolized capitalism.
It’s not at all relevant whether or not the favored means of production for the last 400 odd years have been an evil or an exemplary exercise.
Raising means to wage what it takes to maintain, let alone expand, even a small campaign is a most taxing and haphazard affair.

Granted, Mr. Gore is an easy target. Yet that should not dissuade one from minimizing the obvious effects that the earth has endured on many fronts. It’s a debt that is not easily dismissed, especially by those who have historically toiled close to the soil.
Also, that has nothing to with Mr. Gore’s disgustingly puerile prose, nor his mendacious means of mustering the MTV mediocritous.
In this case, i’d shoot the messanger.

[quote]In this case, I’d shoot the messanger.[/quote] Its been tried, with only minor success.
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