Al Jazeera on cross-strait hidden camera documentary

Worth a watch. Hidden camera inside CPA (Concentric Patriotism Association)
offices who promotes unification.

I wonder if it was Al Jazeera or someone else with a hidden camera. 25 minutes.

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Oh. Well, I like my title better.

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TF??? What, this is about an angry guy who likes women??

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Well the first time I dictated it came out as “prostate” so I didn’t look the second time when I saw a big “C” at the beginning.

Yeah I rewrote yr title; it was a mess.

Eeee! Yer fookin magic, Jimmeh!!!

Bastards! You hijacked my thread.

That is the Chinese culture, they would sell their souls to the devil for 1000 $.

It’s not made by Al Jazeera, it’s made by Lianain

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Even better, they are seriously proud and talented Singaporean independent film makers.


Agree, I recommend you check out their documentary on occupy as well