Alabama born ISIS bride wants to return to US


No thanks.

That’s a no from the UK with this one as well.


Somebody’s going to have to take them. That’s why it’s against international law to make a citizen stateless. Countries have responsibilities to deal with their citizens.


They can be with the Islamic state.


Either that or Gitmo.


Gitmo is too nice for them. I heard they got a nice soccer field. They can kick cans around in Syria.


The problem with countries like the US and the UK not taking responsibility for the behaviour of their citizens is it sets a precedent. Say, central American countries could make their citizens living illegally in the US stateless.


I think the circumstances are a bit different, but I get your point.


It’s a ridiculous example of course, but it could end up in chaos. In the UK’s case I think she should be allowed back and then tried for some kind of terrorism charge. She’s definitely guilty of incitement.


And when she’s found guilty? She will be a martyr to others on the news. Even worse if she’s innocent.


Don’t worry, Turdo from the big white North will see this as a great opportunity to virtue signal and will give her Canadian citizenship. I mean, they gave million of dollars to a former Gitmo prisoner who pleaded guilty of killing Us troops, so nothing is off the table.


If her British citizenship is cancelled she’ll become a martyr. Continuous images of her and her kid in some refugee camp.


Better there than back home. Still a no for me.


I’m kind of against stripping citizenship as a matter of principle, but if she’s allowed back taxpayers have to foot the bill for her trial and imprisonment, so it’s a bit of a trade-off. Maybe she’ll conveniently step on a mine or something?


She has Bangladesh heritage. The law in Bangladesh say anyone with heritage can become get citizenship. The U.K. is using this to say she won’t be stateless. Bangladesh has it back saying she is bard from citizenship on terrorist grounds. So it looks like nobody wants her.


They should let her back, and let the justice system deal with her.

The negative publicity cum prison is what she should be getting, not sending her to a refugee camp which to me feels a bit like vigilante justice


It is a difficult situation. You don’t want these people back because they went to there for a reason “death to the West”. And now you need to take those people back? Then pay for their prison bills. I am not against death penalty for the majority of these people.


From my perspective, I think you pretty much made the choice to voluntarily forfeit your citizenship when you leave for ISIS, call for the destruction of US/UK/West and assisted in the killing of soldiers and innocent people.



Key point for the girl from Alabama is that she is not an U.S. citizen…so her case is more straightforward…easy to reject her entrance to U.S.


I think this is a good opportunity for the US to purge itself of extremist elements of society.