Alabama born ISIS bride wants to return to US


This seems to be unclear. When she was born, no, she did not get US citizenship. Did she get it later on? I recall someone saying she held a US passport when she left the US.

So, that first.

And yeah, some dumb girl got all full of herself, travelled halfway around the world to join a dumb cause…

I dunno. Bring her back, figure it out. I don’t like the idea of dumping our trash and problems on other people who don’t give a sh8t. Seems weak.


What countries need to be very careful about is the idea that deradicalisation works. The guy who blew the bus up in the 2005 London bombings had supposedly been deradicalised. I’m of the belief that the brain effectively gets rewired when people enter into such an extremist world, and it’s pretty much impossible to change it back. Of course, psychologists working in deradicalisation programmes will disagree.

It’s difficult to comprehend a level of hatred for non-believers that would lead people to willingly blow themselves up in order to take out a few kafirs - kids and all. I don’t believe hatred on this level can in someway be ‘cured’, I think it can only be managed and controlled.


I think it’s possible to deradicalize as some have done it. But the success stories are usually the leaders not the followers. I think the followers are just stupid while the leaders have more abilities to rethink things. However I’m not willing to risk my life having a reformed jihadist living next to me.


The success stories I know of were people who weren’t close to the violence. Radicalised guys who became recruiters in the UK, for example. I’m not aware of any success stories of extremists who were involved in or very close to the killing.

EDIT: Here we go - The Grauniad’s answer is we need to show more compassion. Aww, they’re so cute at Grauniad Towers.


Does that also go for formerly violent excons?


Rehabilitation of violent offenders is very different because the violence isn’t combined with a belief system.

If I had to compare religious extremists with other criminals I’d probably go with paedophiles. They are virtually impossible to cure.


Idk. Anti social behaviors are very difficult to rehabilitate. You’re always going to have some tendencies but I think you can make it manageable to live a normal life in most cases.


I heard there’s not much laws against joining ISIS in the U.K for the British women. What are the laws for the U.S, i’m not seeing actual laws she broke.


Sweet Jesus, that headline almost made me barf up my dinner.


Fortunately, the once esteemed organ The Grauniad is no longer taken seriously by anyone with any influence.

For the price of a cup of coffee you can support its fearless investigative journalism, should you so wish.


I misread that as “steamed organ,” which is probably a pretty accurate assessment of the august publication’s current state.


I think Katherine Viner is doing a good job at keeping the organ afloat. She went full retard identity politics and it gets a lot of click throughs.

How long they can continue to beg to get their salaries paid is another matter.


Andrew, you always have the coolest and most relevant opinions on minutiae of goings-on in the US. Thanks so much for sharing them. Never stop posting!


There was a change in the law in the UK whereby encouraging terrorism is an offence. There probably isn’t something similar in the US as they have stronger free speech laws.

I reckon the UK could get her on that.


Sweet Home Alabama bring our baby home! Once American always American !


It looks like the penalty are relatively light. Of the ones convicted, they received only months of jail.


There’s no easy answer, but I feel that countries washing their hands of citizens by making them stateless isn’t positive.

The mosque where she was radicalised needs to be looked into, but that’s a hot potato.

There are going to be hundreds of former ISIS members coming back into Europe. A nightmare for the intelligence agencies.


Society forgives. Why can’t you? lol


Right, and if she is a sleeper cell, name the street she lives on after her so everyone knows who she is. See summin say summin.


What is a bit ridiculous is she’s probably a low threat, but just happens to be of media fame. I’d be far more worried about the hundreds of male fighters making their way back to the societies they despise.