Alabama born ISIS bride wants to return to US


I’m sure she could run for office, somewhere.


I can see her on some reality TV show. I’m a Celebrity, get me out of Syria!


I wonder if she can sing?


Holy Mother of God. That is so far removed from my musical tastes …except yours sometimes @Dr_Milker :grinning:


Good thing you’re not a judge, you heathen barbarian!


Isn’t the video on reverse?


They should be allowed to return. It’s not very fair for their families.


Who asked for the divorce in the first place?

When your ex begs you to take her back, you have the option to say no, you had your chance sunshine.


Once again, this guy real talks the truth.


I agree. My point remains that it sets a precedent for other countries to offload their problem children. The UK has a lot more of those than other countries have of problem Brits.


The article below explains the complications of determining whether or not Hoda Muthana has US citizenship. It sounds like it could be a long court battle.

Personally, I’m a left-leaning liberal, but I pretty much agree with the commentary by Jericho Green in the video above.


Use the Middle East as a dumping ground for the Jar Jars of the world? Can anyone think of a better use for the place?


The reverse is a greater problem.


The point of a dumping ground is you keep them there. All that’s needed is adequate containment and wait for them to kill each other or starve to death. No transportation out of the area. The desert wastes as a natural barrier to travel.

It’s not particularly humane, but then… what would be? We can sell it as political self determination. “Look, they’ve got their own country! Isn’t that cute!”



More humane than any treatment we would get from them in isis.


Yes, but what if it is other countries dumping them in America or the UK?


I don’t think she should be allowed to return either. She married three jihadi fighters as each was killed in action. Even the US Muslim organization doesn’t support her return.

Seems quite a few Muslim girls from the US and the UK chose to leave their country and marry jihadi fighters under some huge belief that was their calling. And I guess there was excitement in doing so. Run off and marry REAL men who are forwarding the ‘cause’ .

I don’t trust her not to carry a bomb to a supermarket one day.


We’ll just have to teach them not to do that, or else.

We all know the drill.


But who is them? The brave patriotic John Wayne type, or the cowardly liberal Henry Fonda type.

It’s tough to target these guys.


What’s to stop her from joining a caravan and crossing the border from Mexico?

Oh. Right.