Alabama passes bill banning abortion

I’m way ahead of you. I’m skeptical of the human race.

Gad, I wonder what Obama was offered for gay marriage!

A fat blunt

Leana Wen, born in Shanghai.
Luckily, she wasn’t aborted under one-child policy. I guess she doesn’t think about that policy too much. I’m glad she wasn’t aborted, even if she’s head of PP.

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23 weeks. It’s a human being.


That “lump of cells” looks remarkably similar to a human being!


not related to abortions, but holy shit Alabama is on a roll. Should we have separate threads to praise the glory of Alabama or is this one enough?

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sure, “3 strikes and cut it off”

During 2012, 92% of abortions were performed before 14 weeks ’ gestation, 6% between 14– 20 weeks
, and 2% (n=96) at a later stage. Of the 96 abortions carried out beyond 20 weeks , 53 were due to actual or probable fetal abnormality.

Abortions at 24 weeks seem to be rather rare cases. Should we talk on more common cases?

After 500 replies of “But what about the 0.05% of pregnancies by rape!” ?


Yeah, I asked it because someone said something like that on rape cases.

Castrating children? Oh wait. No, castrating the pedos.

Currently not a designated victim group, so yeah.

Chemical castration is wimpy, though. Cut their nuts off. Make `em trans.

Just donate their organs and feed them to the gators.

then after “they’re making the frogs gay!” we would also get “they’re making the gators pedos!”.

Conservative estimates are 13m per year.


ok so we’re talking around three hundred million (that number is, so large I could not even work out how many zeroes so I wrote it) plus over 30 years at least ? I’d be curious to see the figures divided into the such things as late term, early term etc. I’d be curious about ethnicity as well. I’ll try and find the most conservative and reliable estimates. Any pointers as to the most reliable sources which are also broken down into age groups, ethnicities, stage of pregnancy the abortion happened at etc ?

Planned Parenthood is probably unreliable for information since their public face is designed to downplay the death of unborn babies while encouraging the idea that abortion is a safe procedure that comes with some risks, physical and emotional.

A better place to start might be with Operation Rescue. OR has had volunteers at abortion clinics daily for almost thirty years now. They may have collated excellent information about abortions performed simply by monitoring foot traffic in and out of almost every abortion clinic in the US (for at least some of those thirty years, if not all).

Abortion is about as difficult to track as gun violence. Both sides (pro-abortion and anti-) have gone out of their way to control the abortion message by controlling information about the procedure.

You’re probably biting off an awful lot, you know. Good luck.

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To clarify, my 13m post was for China. I remember a study some time back that indicated something like 9% of women in the country had had an induced or forced abortion at some time in their lives.

I have no idea if accurate numbers for the US exist. If you had states that had banned abortions you could compare expected vs actual birth rates but, as everybody reading this knows, a lot of other factors could come into play.

These articles could be a start point to look for some kind of stat.

Some official numbers may be found here.

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