Alaska! -40F!

Some of my Taiwanese friends ask me what Alaska is like, and I tell them it is cold. Never been there, but from Montreal we often checked the temps in Alaska. Today for example.

So never complain about how cold it is here in Taiwan.

The Interior returns to its old, cold ways, the Fairbanks newspaper says.

BRRRR: Fairbanks hits 40 below for the first time since Jan. 26, 2002.

(Published: December 4, 2003)
FAIRBANKS – Mark Ross looked at the temperature reading at Creamer’s Field Farmhouse Visitor Center and thought perhaps he needed a new thermometer…

Translation for those not from Burma, Liberia, and one other country that has use imperial measurements in the last 30 years: I think he means -40 C

Forty below is forty below, no matter how you measure it - it’s the only point where fahrenheit and celsius meet. Here’s a converter for you…


truly really madly

Not C. Alaska is US territory, they use F there. I think.

Where I live here, close, like -30 F for 2-3 days a few years ago (1996).

Reuters - FAIRBANKS, AK - December 6 2003 - Scientists at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks have announced the discovery of a new room-temperature superconductor.

Dr. Irwin Charles Wiener, Associate Professor in the physics department, said “Th-th-this sssssupercond-d-d-d-ductor w-w-w-will revolutionize p-p-p-power distr-r-r-ribution-n-n in Alaska. Thank G-g-god.”

Faculty at Yakutsk Technical Institute in Siberia, Russian Federation, quickly confirmed the discovery.

Centigrade is just so plebian.

Centigrade is just so plebian.[/quote]

The only “pleb” is the one who can’t spell plebeian :laughing:

Centigrade is just so plebian.[/quote]

The only “pleb” is the one who can’t spell plebeian :laughing:[/quote]

Now you just keep repeating that after you get up tomorrow morning to go to work. I’ll be going out for a swim followed by a nice breakfast featuring mango, pineapple, banana and papaya. Afterwards, I might have a beer and then a nap. I’ll get up at lunch for a quick bite and then I’m going out to photograph a couple of local Balinese artists. That’ll take about an hour or so. I’ll then head back home for a swim and another beer. I haven’t planned tomorrow nite yet.

Plebeian? Plebian? :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: