Alcatel T07AW modem + D-Link 300 WLAN - problems

Hello all. I’m new here although I’ve been reading over the forums for a long time.

I saw this recent post about “hacking” an Alcatel modem which deceptively seems like it has free wireless capabilities.

Already knowing that I would rather buy an independent router to work with I got a D-link 300.
So here is my problem.

The PPPoE seems to work, as in I can connect to my D-Link by cable (which is then connected to the Alcatel by LAN), and access the internet. The D-link does all the login stuff for me, which is great if I was looking for a LAN hub.

The wireless does not work at all however… The SSID will broadcast, and (if configure IP/DNS automatically is selected) get a “Limited or no Connectivity” designation. If I configure the IP/DNS to these instructions: then I can get a “connected” status, but it really isn’t “connected”!
More than not even being able to access the internet, I can’t even access the administration page @!

This person seems to have had a similar problem, but my limited Chinese prevents me from knowing how he figured it out.

As for the firmware, I’ve updated to 1.04 and deleted the Chinese Language pack, but it’s still a no-go.

Is it a bad egg? Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Can you try it with all security turned off? (passwords, mac filtering, etc)

Where are you ?

Did you get it fixed?