Alerts on cheap flights from Taiwan

I’ve subscribed to this Taipei mailing list that sends “alerts” emails when flights are ~ usd200 to usd500 cheaper than the normal average.
They basically send a link to Google flights or skyscanner where you can buy the tickets.

I’ve subscribed to it few months ago and the deals looks decents. They seem to not monetised it (yet) , and I already bought 1 flight to Australia for usd 500 return ticket for Christmas.
Hopefully that can help some frequent travellers!

mod: feels free to delete if that looks like an ad, just wanted to share :slight_smile:


Rest assure. It doesn’t look like an ad.
And even if it is, it’s a good one!

Thanks for this, signed up!

Nice I signed up too.

Great post, thanks!

Why is it asking for unrelated information? Is it going to spam job offers soon?

great one, I didn’t see anything else than good deals (yet?) since I’ve suscribed.

They just sent a great deal for Hawaii for usd 370 btw


Whoever is running that has dun goofed up good. Sent to everyone in the TO field, so all emails are exposed. And someone did a reply-all. Glad I used a throwaway account.


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