Alexa, Google Home, etc

Are smart home devices (and components that go along with them) like Alexa and Google Home available in Taiwan?

Anyone have experience with them?

What are the costs, benefits, caveats, etc. involving such technologies in Taiwan?

Google and Amazon do not sell them directly in Taiwan. You can get them easily from importers. Check out Shopee, eBay, etc.
@chichihuil might still has one Google Home Mini for sale.

They work fine here.

I use Chromecast Ultra (4K + wired network) very frequently for steaming Netflix, YouTube, OnlineTV to the TV.
Occasionally Google Home Mini for music.

Family used to watch MOD. Now they only cast via Chromecast from the smartphone.

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For me both google home and chromecast work fine in Taiwan. I’ve had no issues using it along with the Home App.

Google Home is nothing that special…(yet?)…i guess it depends on how you use it. If you are within the google ecosystem you can set up appointment reminders/events with your calendar. You can use to google home app to setup “routines” if you want. You can play music but obviously the sound quality is not great.

It provides me a slight convenience for quick web search questions, weather, setting alarms/timers, finding out NBA game times or scores, or making conversions (weight, temp, currency). Not sure if it is worth the price. Also it is always listening…:upside_down_face::upside_down_face::upside_down_face:

Alexa “works” in Taiwan, but
1.) Alexa cannot speak or understand Chinese
2.) It will not accept a Taiwanese address as your home address, so in my case even though I have updated my main address when I ask for things like the weather and time it gives me Seattle weather and time. I can ask specifically for the time or weather in Taipei though.
3.) It does not support local services like kkbox. I’ve never tried spotify here (I canceled my spotify account before moving here), but tunein and amazon music work.
4.) As others have mentioned it has not been officially released here, so I don’t know what tech support or customer service will be like :-/

I’ve been doing some investigations into these home automation alternatives especially in Taiwan. Alexa is just a no-go for Apple users since you cannot download the app in the Taiwan app store, and I don’t think anyone really wants to register a separate U.S Apple ID just to update their apps etc.

I think perhaps the Google Play store may have an easier alterative for this.

Just change the country/region of the App Store using the same ID. Download the App then change back, I have to do this as I have a mix of apps I got in different countries.

We’ve got a “Smart Light Starters Kit” with a Google Home Mini and a GE light bulb. We bought it to see what it’s all about, but we prefer turning the lights on and off by ourselves.

If anyone is interested: we bought it new for 1200 NT, but for 800+postage you can take it off our hands. PM me if interested.

you could always get a Zenbo

I do still have a Google home mini if somebody wants it. I think it is light grey/white.
I also still have two Pixel 2 XL 64gb phones left.
Warranties till 2020. New in box.
PM if interested.
Going up to TPE april 24-30, could take em with me

I have Google Home units in every room of the house to control lighting (Philips Hue), stream Youtube to Chromcast displays and stream Spotify music. They also play ambient sounds when not in use and pleasant sleep sounds at night and are useful to get quick info. I have them stereo paired in the main rooms and they provide great sound and convenience for the price. Highly recommended.

Echo devices suck in Taiwan for the most part, but I have a few that serve as Kitchen timers and alarm clocks.
However, if video playback is your primary goal, a Raspberry Pi loaded with Kodi is a much more capable device. Voice control of my Pis through Google Home would be awesome.

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I haven’t tried it but it is possible.

If anyone is selling any google home devices let me know. In particular I’m looking for a nest hub, and some cameras, but lightbulbs are of interest too if at a good price.


good bump, i’ve been looking for local alexa plugs/stuff since i cancelled my amazon account but no dice; leads are very welcome