Ali Baba's Indian Kitchen on Nanjing E. Rd

[quote=“Back Packer”]This has got to be one of the shittiest restaurants we’ve been to in Taiwan.

WARNING: Avoid![/quote]

On this, I can fully agree. I have never, EVER, experienced shittier service or attitude. I will NEVER go back there, even if I’m dying of hunger naked in the street.
Not only was the service absolutely atrocious, we had to almost beg for a drink - and that is a cardinal sin in my book.
The food was OK, when you managed to lick the spices off the bony chicken, for whichyou also had to wait for for a lonnnngggg time, after having to call the “service ambassador” from behind that mouldy curtain-thingy that doubles up as a kitchen separation.
NO. Don’t go there!!! :fume: AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!

Rather go to Tandoor or Himalaya!! :slight_smile:

Count me in as shocked and awed by how appalling Ali’s is on all levels.

A woman I know was heckled by who I assume could only be the oft-mentioned creepy waiter.

Bone curry! What a concept.

Felt like I’d walked into an unfriendly, musty home and was a serious inconvenience to the people there.


Not long after I made my post above, I learned that the boss of our buxiban was treating us to dinner at Ali Baba’s for a farewell dinner for one of our colleagues. We were a group of about 12 people, including a few fellow Forumosa members.

I went in expecting a horror; it turned out to be great! The food was delicious, the service no worse than I’d expect in an Indian restaurant back home or any restaurant in Taiwan, and the atmosphere seemed fine.

Perhaps it was my lowered expectations; perhaps it was the fact that I didn’t have to pay for anything; perhaps it was because we were in a big group; but I really enjoyed the dinner, as did everyone else.

Yep, it was good shit!

Hear hear! As part of Chris’ group, I can honestly say we got excellent food, good service (by Taipei standards), and in a nice setting. And I’d never even read this thread before.

Sod the naysayers, I’m going back to that place again.

How could there be such polar opposite views on the same place? That’s quite bizarre. Was it the day? Was it that word got out back to Ali Baba’s that it was getting 3 :thumbsdown: on Forumosa?


Hmmm. I’ll have to give it a try.

(I posted before in this thread with nickname ‘Koen’, but Forumosa has scrambled my password, don’t know why, anyway I made this new account)

I went to Cafe India last weekend in Tianmu. The food was really good taste and the service excellent. The menu has lots, lots, lots of dishes and I surely will go back to try some more. I recommend you try their “homemade pickles”, heavenly stuff. The people at Cafe India are really Indian by the way (the boss who also takes orders talks with Indian accent). Btw. we spent a bit more than 500 NT$ per person.

About Ali Baba… I see those positive replies. You know, I might just try Ali Baba again… but beware mr. Ali Baba, if it sucks again, I’ll let the people here know about it :slight_smile: (I’ll post my new findings here anyway).

Cafe India website (includes menu):

Btw. I think Cafe India also has buffet for lunch on Saturday, right. Next time I’m gonna try that.


I ran into their nightmarket stall the other evening, and their chicken burrito was great. The only downside was the sanitary practices, which were poor even by nightmarket standards.

One should not wipe one’s nose on the back of one’s hand and then proceed to make the customer’s food – I hope it didn’t happen before I got mine, but I only saw him do it after I’d already picked mine up.

Also, I would tend to generally frown upon swishing a bunch of skewers loaded with dripping, oozing raw chicken right over the food handling area. Again, luckily, this was after I got mine.

Not sure if I’d risk it again, but they did make a hell of a good burrito.