AliAS Series One. Not bloody Alien. God, some mods are dumb

This is available for rental. I’ve never heard of it. It appears to be a TV drama series of some kind in which the lead actress got herself a “TV Oscar” (would that be a Tony?)
Anyway, its nothing to do with the Ridley-Scott Alien films.
Anybody seen this and can cast some light?

Not to sound too dumb, but are you sure it’s not Alias? That’s a drama series about a young woman who’s a secret agent or something, and she’s won stuff for it. I haven’t watched it - other people have told me it’s OK though :slight_smile:

Yes, Jennifer Garnier won something for her part in Ali

And Ridley Scott only directed the first Alien film.

All right, all right, for all you persnicketty nitpickers – Alien, Alias, whatever. :blush:

Yes, thanks, that’s what I meant. Thanks to Daasgrrl I can now at least find something about it online instead of bad-mouthing for not having it. :blush:

ITs VERY average Sandman… almost like it is trying to be a female version of 24 without the snappy dialogue, plot development and just plain interesting storylines.

Jennifer Garner is boring.

Maybe sandman means this tv series:
Or this film:

Alien…Alias…drugs are a terrible thing to waste… :sunglasses: