Just finished watching season 4 of Alias. I have to say the whole Rambaldi thing is a bit tedious, even later in the 4th season, but after seeing the last episode of the 4th season, I only have two questions to ask:

  1. Has the fifth season come out yet (here or in the US, either or)?


  1. When can I start watching it?

Not to give anything away, but I sat through what was supposed to be a simple 1.5 hour marathon (i.e. watching 1 DVD at a time) and turned into a 4-hour marathon because I didn’t want to stop before the conclusion.

I was a bit skeptical when the pilot episode made it seem like everyone in Taipei spoke Cantonese and read simplified characters, but the eye candy of storylines has definitely improved in its swallowability.

Alias Season 5 started showing in the US last week.

It seems like it’s going towards a different direction, so it’ll be interesting to see how successful it is.

You can start watching it now… if you know how.

How did you see season 4 already? I saw that the DVD’s don’t come out in America till December.


I think I haven’t seen it since season 2 or 3.

The internet is a wonderful thing. :smiley: