Alien Residential Certificate

Dear anyone who is reading this column,

      I have a work permit which is being issued by 竹科(Hsin Chu Science Park). If I quit the company I'am working with now, they would have to terminate the work permit since it's not an open work permit. However I already possess a 3 year alien residential certificate. If I work for another company, do I need a new work permit or is the alien residential sufficient? If my work permit is terminate prematurely, will the alien residential certificate also be terminated prematurely(even if there is 2 more years to expiry date for example)? Thanks!


I can’t really get the full picture of your situation without more information about your status here.

However, a “three year” ARC is unusual in a work situation. It is more commonly seen in a “marriage” situation.

So . . . . you need to clarify your status . . . . . .