Alishan Forest Railway

I am visiting soon and wish to see the Alishan forest and the old railway.

I intend to take the high speed train down to Chiayi, then the bus to the train station to the forest.
Is everything in order there? Is the forest open?

The Alishan Railway was severely damaged by Typhoon Morakot and there is uncertainty about when and if it will reopen. This article that was published in the Taipei Times a few weeks ago gives a good coverage of the problems: Uncertain future for Alishan railway.

Wow, I was hoping to get there. I wonder if the roads are still open?
Their website is totally down:

There is recent news here, perhaps speaking of a partial re-opening, but much is lost in translation:


Taipei Times today reports partial reopening of Highway 18 to Alishan on 20 October. … 2003455735

Thanks, I think I will just take the HSR down to Jiayi and photograph the train facilities there.