Alishan or somewhere for the three-day weekend

Does anyone know if the Alishan train that runs up the mountain is in order or not? I want to head down there for the weekend but if the train is out of order I may consider going somewhere else. Thoughts? Any other suggestions for places to see this coming three day weekend let me know. Given, buying transport tickets will be difficult, suggestions are all I need!

No, the train isn’t running again yet and probably won’t be for a long time. They still have buses, though.

Great! Thanks for the quick response.

From Taipei do you know the easiest route?
Does the train’s absence take away from Alishan at all?
And is hiking the primary activity for Alishan? Do you need a permit for hiking there?

Thanks again.

Alishan is still a nice trip without going on the train. There are probably buses running from Chiayi city. The train might have to be abandoned permanently.
The tourist reception area is a mess and there are loads of Chinese tourists, but the trees are definitely worth seeing. The best way to see the Alishan area (Alishan just being the most famous tourist spot there) is by car, but you might not have that option.