Alishan Or Taroko in May

I want to go somewhere for he coming long weekend for 1st may.

What do you guys suggest Alishan or Taroko.I know there will be many people everywhere but still i have no other time to go.

Taroko at any time of year. Alishan (the town) is a horrible tourist trap to be avoided at any time of year although the train ride to Chiayi is one of the world’s great railroad adventures. I hasten to say that Alishan District (xiang–the standard translation as township is is confusing since a xiang refers to a rural district) is wonderful but you will need a car, maps, and good Mandarin to explore this spectacular area. If you did go to that area, I would suggest going up to the Yushan National Park and spending a day or tow hiking around there and then go down to Alishan to take the train back.

Taroko is easy to get to and wonderful all year round. A scooter or car make s the gorge easier to explore but there are some great walks in the Tianxiang area. Enjoy.

Knowing the history of Alishan may help you understand why it is such a tourist trap. The Japanese developed Alishan as a summer retreat from the heat of the plains. Because of its prestige as a resort for the elite, upper-middle class Taiwanese flocked there. After the Japanese left, unrestriscted development ruined the place and it now caters to the Taiwanese tour bus crowd.

You do realise that May 1 is not an official public holiday, don’t you?

i am sure its a holiday for me…Thanks for the tip anyway