All Blacks vs Wallabies

Can somebody please tell me what’s going on in the Hong Kong match All Blacks vs Wallabies? Perhaps a score.

Aus 30 NZ 6
Fiji 42 Fr 6
Sam 20 Ton 12
NZ 22 PNG 0 (45 mins)

Ooh, that’s good! Thank you.

No worries. :wink:
Just go to bbcsport they have live coverage.

Final score: All Blacks 19 - 14 Wallabies

Pretty good game.

OOPS! Thought you were speaking about League.

Nope. The Bledisloe Cup game they had today in Hong Kong.

Like League, too.

Why would they play the Bledisloe cup in Hong Kong?

Was a new thing this year to try and expand the game globally and bring big matches between the big nations to areas where they don’t usually play. Apparently the Wallabies and the All Blacks are going to do the same in the States next year, and there are talks underway for the All Blacks to play Ireland in Boston sometime.

Like the yanks having their first NFL match at Wembley?

Something like that. But hopefully no one will turn up for the NFL game and everyone will continue not caring… :smiley:

Rugby rugby rugby!!

Heh heh! :moo: Bulle!

Apparently they are going to play two Bledisloe Cup games in China/Japan from next year. I mean, they must get use to a neutral venue if they want to beat South Africa in the future.

lol…Well, I’ll say this for the Wallabies and the All Blacks. I have immeasurable respect for them for taking these games on the road to less “traditional” venues. Sure, they get revenue from the games, but for the teams it’s all about winning and no one wants to give up home ground advantage. It also says a lot for the players to be willing to put an extra week on their touring schedule up north.

That being said, the Boks are one of the few big teams that make it a point of playing Argentina on a regular basis, which is also good for the game.

Ja, it’s all good. I love the All Blacks but hate the Aussies. Bunch of squealing crybabies. Much like the England they so despise. Never will you see a NZ captain whining about the ref or the “dirty” play. They give it and they take it. Even when Johann Roux nearly bit Sean Fitzpatrick’s ear off, he said: “Hey it’s a hard game”. :notworthy:

Hey, you gotta love the All Blacks. I’ll always respect them for keeping to rugby and not bringing other shit into the game.

Ooh I “hate” the All Blacks, because … they are better than the Boks. Fitzpatrick and Zinzan B, the best ever!

I actually went and saw the game. It was fairly tight all night which made for a pretty entertaining match.
The HK Stadium is an awesome venu for ra-ra. Apparently though it is a little under-utilised.

Sorry to mementarily derail but god damn, nice avatar, 杜拜蒂. Nice to see another Hawk in Taiwan :slight_smile:

Yes, yes! And I was fortunate enough to travel home and watch the GF this year!
So have I doubled the number of Hawks supporters in Taiwan now? :wink: