All hail Jacinda

Great night for Labour and the Greens. Sad night for the conservative National Party who got really spanked.

First ever NZ election since the introduction of MMP where one party has won an outright majority.


Good news for me, but I wonder if Mr. Peters (Winnie) still be active or just retire, he seems be very pro-Taiwan.

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Well, good to hear the good news, before it was banished off to IP.

New Zealand, I hardly knew you! : P


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Well… It’s international
and it talks about an election and a prime minister… Therefore it is political.

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What’s her position and record with China?

Her first action after becoming PM was to ban foreign purchases of real estate. Purely to stop mainland speculation. Other than that…not really sure. China is our no. one trading partner. She can’t do too much. Too much money at stake.

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She and her party lean to the left. Of the two major parties, they tend be less pro business and more human rights thus the Hong Kong row and other China human rights issues. That being said still need consider China’s business interests but I think China would have rather the other party be in power which is more pro business and trade and may push China less about human rights and the Hong Kong events. There is quite large (by NZ numbers) by numbers of people from Hong Kong in NZ which may influence things a bit.

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Not totally true; it was also to stop right-wing American survivalists like Peter Thiel from buying up property so they’d be safe from the coming socialist apocalypse.

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That’s what ‘Labour’ is, leftish, and for a reason.


They’re both made by the Canadian Banknote Company. Wonder if they just keep some as the payment.

Pretty cool info graphic

They messed up. It’s “so obvious.”