All I ask is for people to think!

Oh my
We have plumbers fixing our pipes today…I took time off work to greet them and show them that I have two dogs that are scared and that they should please be careful. The dogs stay in the livingroom, and there is no place where I can keep them because all the rooms need pipes. I took the whole morning off because i just knew that they won’t think.

I went upstairs to go to the bathroom and i hear brakes outside…I look out to see my dog running around outside. Now she’s a shiba inu and can never be let off the leash…a scooter came by and she jumped on the scooter! They left both the door and the downstairs door open… I yell at the plumbers who say…what? no, we didnt see any dogs.

so I run outside to try and get her back, but she sees me and takes off…(everything is a game to her) I eventually get her (got my scooter and she came and jumped on it…loves rides) Took me another half an hour to find the other dog.

the cat is still AWOL.


Next time try chaining the animals or putting them in crates (depending on their size).

I hope you find the cat OK.

let down the air in the plumber’s truck tires, and shit on the drivers seat. then say you saw nothing.

After a massive hunt we found kitty in the couch in the livingroom. He managed to get from the rooftop (5fl) to the livingroom on the 3rd floor. All he could do it, was to go into the neighbours house and walk downstairs and climb over the balcony.

I chained the dogs up now, and when I lifted up the couch to put the leashes under the feet of the couch, I must have woken him up and he came out. (we had a puppy that ate the whole bottom of the couch so its a nice hiding spot.


You’ve got to have REALISTIC expectations!

Wow…that sucks Battery. I have a Shiba too and it’s such a pain in the ass trying to catch them! My little guy rarely gets off the leash, but when he does, it’s a city-wide doghunt trying to find him.

Gotta love the attitude of the plumbers…you show them the animals and what’s their response when they screw up? “We didn’t see anything”. Makes me wonder just how many people are legally blind on this island, the number of times that excuse pops up.

She never gets off the leash…I tried once and learnt the hard way. Such a playful little bugger…even in my home I find it hard to get her. She thinks I’m here to entertain her hahahaha.

I growled at the plumbers and thanked them for opening both doors. Then hit my head. They’ve been ignoring me ever since.

They came at 9 and they are still here!!!

In the end they were really nice.

He did a good job and she cleaned up pretty well…he even gave me a free silicone gun because he saw that I had a tube of silicone. ( I tried to DIY something without having the gun and it was haaarrrddd) We ended up talking when they saw me watching the Taiwanese news channel and asked if I speak Taiwanese.

They left at 7. He also guaranteed his work for 1 year and will fix it for free if anything happens.

[quote]all I ask is for people to think![/quote]Your standards are WAY too high. Not going to happen…



Tai ma fan!

You are asking about thinking in the land of 你 想 太 多 了?? That’s like looking for a BBQ joint in the Arctic. But good to know everyone is home safe.

People don’t think until you tie a bag of thement to them.

I didn’t see anything!

I’m with urodacus on this one.

yeah,yeah,silicone,DIY…we catch your drift! :laughing:

yup…and it’s a reallll biggggg gun to deal with serious leaks and holes :laughing: