All my kindy classes have now been moved to the buxiban next door

Ok, I’ll be quick as I’m sure you are all very busy.

I work at a Kindy (yes I know) which has recently been busted. I wasn’t caught and the boss made provisions to make sure that I (or he) wasn’t impacted in the future. Essentially all my Kindy classes have now been moved to the buxiban next door. The boss then asked me to get a work permit with the buxiban and get it put on my ARC as a secondary employer (which I did). The strange thing is that although the local FAP say they have made a note of my new status they haven’t changed or altered my ARC at all (thus my new school isn’t included on it).

Now, the boss has heard rumours from a contact of his that the Kindy is to be raided again sometime in the near future. I’m curious as to my status. Remember I’m not teaching in the Kindy but the buxiban. Any guesses as to where I stand in the face of the Immigration Police laying siege to my place of work?

Cheers for any advice.

You stand as an easy target.


You risk deportation teaching kindergarten classes. Period. It doesn’t matter where it is. If they catch you teaching little kids, kiss your ass goodbye.

How are they going to catch me if I’m not in a kindergarten and am in a place of employment where I am legally entitled to be? The only mitigating factor is the age of the children who look much like the kids in the buxiban. My query was more to do with the correct status of my ARC which doesn’t have the new work information on it. Thanks for replies though

It doesn’t matter. You are still teaching illegal kindergarten classes. They usually take a picture of you teaching a kindergarten class and then the rest is history.

And if you are teaching morning hours you will have no excuse.

Flatpatcat made it clear that he does not care about the legality but about ways to avoid getting caught through deception. Forumosa should not be the place to give him any inspiration or further advice.

Who’s doing that?

It seems your boss must have pissed off some other local buxibans nearby that ratted him out.
I have heard from other people that usually there is some notice given to the school so that the illegal teachers are not there, but if they came in unannounced someone has it in for him, and I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of a FAP visit. Like someone else said, if they sneak in and get a picture of you, you’re done.

Paragraphs like that will make people want to call the immigration police on you, themselves. I guess you’ll be switching user names, then?

I’ve never added a school, so I can’t speak firsthand about that. And unfortunately, I can’t guarantee the reliability of any of the information posted below.

Here are a couple of old pieces of information about it (the Forumosa post is from [color=#000080]2004[/color], and the Tealit information appears to have been written in that same time frame):

[quote]Once the Council of Labor Affairs has finished the application they will send the second Work Permit to your new school. You take this to your local office of the Foreign Affairs Police. [color=#000080]They will amend your ARC[/color]. Your existing Resident Visa remains in effect. [/quote] … etters.htm

[quote]My close neighbour worked at Hess, then started work at Kojen at the same time. [color=#000080]Both schools are listed on his ARC[/color] – I’ve seen it. He has since quit Hess and now works at Kojen and another school whose name I can’t recall. That school is also listed on his ARC. He has separate work permits for each school. [/quote] … 35#p260235

However, here’s a Forumosa post from June of this year–apparently referring to an event that took place in 2009–that contains information that’s a little different from the above writings:

[quote]My experience from 4 yrs ago - get your second school to complete the work permit application. It will be filed with the CLA / NIA. [color=#000080]You don’t need to[/color] take any documents into the NIA or [color=#000080]do any update to your ARC[/color].[/quote] … 4#p1524584

I hope this helps, or at least doesn’t add to your confusion or misinform you.