All our yesterdays: nostalgia


It is amazing how some jingles for commercials from Saturday morning cartoons still are stuck in brains decades later. For example:

Or the Captain Highliner commercials:


Image result for temple show on nickelodeon


Oh, I have no idea how to obtain a picture of this, but I remember when I was a kid planes never had little TVs in the back of the chair in front of you. They had nothing in the way of visual entertainment at all, or they had two crappy televisions mounted near the lavatory in each aisle and one big projector screen in the front of your section, and if you wanted to watch you had to plug your headphones in and tune it to the right station to hear what was happening. Or you had to just make your own fun. I had one of these:

Pre-9/11 my mom used to take a paring knife onboard in her carry-on so she could peel fruit for us with it, and nobody gave a damn.


I think I can do better: behold how I learned English


Oh poor girl. The one in the first video is worth crying for. Seeing the videos made me feel like buying one and put it at home just to have a conversation piece :sunglasses::sunglasses:


Upgrade from the rotary phone


Is it a Tamagoshi? The little animal that would die if left unattended?


Yep! Although I don’t quite remember if it dies…I remember once after the long overseas flight I booted it back up in Kansai airport to find it had left four piles of digital shit for me, though, and it wasn’t happy.


I think it would die if left hungry too long, or didn’t sleep. A pile of shit to clean at least would make a child responsible.


Wow! I’d completely forgotten about those things.







B.A. Barracus, afraid to fly

the show where no one got killed with all those machine guns shooting and cars flipping over


Some memorable TV Themes


This Dickens scene scared the hell out of me.


Had to watch most of those shows in reruns because there was no TV in my hippy household when they originally ran. :sunglasses:



Hoffman played a great Hook.


Have those in DVD.
Great for kids to watch and sing-along, just like we did with the LP albums in the 70s.


Immediately before I came to Taiwan, I worked with John Roberts, who had been an engineer on Radio Caroline.

He owned a narrow band FM station in Australia at the time, and had me go live for a one hour show every Wednesday.

Under the terms of the radio license, we weren’t allowed to do news, views, or popular music: but he encouraged me to do all of the above.

In his seventies, he was still excited about breaking the rules, and bouncing signals from the moon with his backyard satellite dishes.

A true pirate.