All our yesterdays: nostalgia


The old digital handshake: and if it don’t work, check your protocol.

Kids these days have it so easy, as my grandfather used to say.




Another old kid having fun:


Aight, let me hitch up my drawers while I find my suspenders. :grandpa:

The colors were prime and mixes (you may have to squint a bit), because in the late 60s everybody who watched television in the USA was - believe it or not - intoxicated by the sheer sight of color television. I can still remember how chill these shows made me feel, just by kicking back and soaking in the colors. One day we were watching these shows in black and white, then my father bought a coffin-size piece of furniture that had a color television in it, and voila the very same show was now in vivid color. Fucking amazing. Felt like being levitated into the middle class, a time when prime colors made so much fear simply melt away.

Lost in Space

OG Star Trek

Saved the best for last, Wild Wild West. Cancelled voluntarily by ABC in 1969, after the 1968 murder of MLK sparked one (of the many) American crusades against violence in the popular arts. ABC broke my heart.








Ahem. When I were wasting my youth on being young, I actually made a living playing professional foosball for about 14 months.

Most of this income, mind, was earned gambling over games in garages at 2am on a weekend.

I might still be able to pass the ball from my left hand to my right without anybody seeing it, who knows.


Real Football or the American version ? :wink:


Neither, it was foosball aka table football.

It was semi-huge in the US right around the time that Aerosmith was becoming popular.


but these are pretty ingenious



Only 2 things come out of Texas…





Looks vintage now. I remember so many fake watches being sold , on holiday.