All our yesterdays: nostalgia


I used to really laugh at this. Now we have to be PC…Actually my hubby and I wouldn’t watch this with our kids because they were repeating some of the lines. The things parents need to do…


Me and my two brothers got one each for Christmas. That’s Ego, btw. (I’ve never seen Guardians of the Galaxy but I am trying to connect to the whippersnappers of today)




I meet Johnny Rolex every time I visited the Taiwan World trade Center years ago.




Best Christmas album ever.
Mom would play this over and over on the record player.



Stop triggering us with your old white man Christmas music. :grin:


November 1, the day after Halloween: first day you’re allowed to start playing those tunes.

“It’s the holiday season,
So hoop-dee-doo and dickery dock
And don’t forget to hang up your sock…”


Man I was shopping for extra Halloween candy bags last Wednesday evening and they were already taking down the Halloween decorations and replacing them with Christmas stuff.


November 1 is All-Saints day, have a little respect.


the Saints are all in heaven, it’s the faithful departed souls who need a bit more support/prayer on Nov. 2


My Taiwanese wife is so into Christmas. The tree went up on 11/1 and she will start with presents under the tree soon. Everything bought starting from about now ends up under the tree- underwear, everything.


Only? Some places have the tree up year round!


Yeah, I have a cousin like that.


Yep. Many a weekend spent at the library shuffling through these.


For Icon


So that’s how you get a hairy chest. Wish I’d known sooner.




Thank you!!! :heart_eyes: