All our yesterdays: nostalgia








Good old Mickeys. And we can’t forget the “ghetto champagne.”


And when in a crazy mood, we would get a gallon of crap fruit juice from the supermarket, dump some out, and add pure grain to it.


Wow, that’s always been illegal where I’m from (California). The closest thing is rubbing alcohol, which they add methanol to to make sure nobody drinks it.


That’s why we like beer, starting early as a kid drinking ‘table beer’, 1-2% alcohol.


Once, when I was about 10, I was taken along on a hunting trip by my uncle. At some point I was complaining of being cold. I was told, “drink this, it’ll warm you up”…Everclear, straight up. All my uncle’s buddies thought this was hilarious.
On another trip we cooked thick slabs of bologne in the fire, frying them on the same shovel that I had used earlier in the week to push all the shit and straw out of a cattle trailer.
I love my uncle. He was the coolest thing around in the 70s. Aoooooogah horn in his 4x4 and a bumper sticker that read, “Ass, Gas or Grass… Noboby rides for free”.


Heat, fire sterilizes, no problem there!



Music groups are allowed?

Yes, I fully enjoyed the 80’s and 90’s…:wink: