All-region DVD player

Where can I find a DVD player that can play discs from all regions, and what shops are the most reasonable priced in general? Carrefour, hole-in-the-wall, FNAC or any others?

You want to tootle off to this thread: [Multi-region DVD Player

There’s one in my living room under the telly.


There’s one in my living room under the telly.[/quote]

:smiley: :smiley: Is it for sale, then??? :sunglasses:

Just do a search for DVD hacker codes. There a bunch of sites. Find your make and model. Burn a CD with a text line using the code provided on the site using your text editor. Insert the CD into your DVD and push play. Wait about 30 seconds. The message should show up in the lower left hand part of the screen showing “0”. Your set. It will now play ALL regions. I wouldn’t be changing back and forth as I have been told, not confirmed, that you can only change the code 7 times. This procedure worked well for me. I had to try several times because I was only waiting a few seconds for the code to appear. Once I waited enough time, the code appeared and I have had no problems playing DVDs brought from U.S. and those bought and rented here in Taiwan. My machine is a Sharp dv740 purchased here. Good luck.