"All times are Los Angeles time" in Segue

Why are “All times are Los Angeles time” in Segue? It says that on top of the “Active 100” page.

probably because the server resides in San Jose, CA.


are they, let’s see, I’ll post and check the time.

No, the post time on the previous post is correct for Taipei. It is exactly the same as the time on my computer too.

The date of posts is right on mine, but the “Welcome back, You last visited on…” is wrong…

Because I don’t know how to hack a time zone offset for the Active threads mod. I irealize this isn’t a very meaningful answer… but it’s the real one.

Now, can anyone tell me how to add 15 to 16 hours to a php page? G$ 50 to the first person who can :slight_smile: