All Westerners Work at Buxibans?

What is your profession?

  • Educator
  • Artist/Entertainment
  • Sales & Commerce
  • Self-employed
  • Lap Dancer
  • Bureaucrat
  • Athlete
  • Military
  • Stoned
  • Seeking new opportunities
  • I don’t need to work

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Our Vet said yesterday
“Your wife told me she is a kindergarten buxiban teacher”
Me: “Sorry, um…she works for a foreign company here…”
Vet: “No she told me she is a teacher”
Me: “Sorry, she must have misunderstood your question…”
Today, Woman approaches outside elementary school while waiting for kids
Stranger: “I have seen your wife, I have a job for her…teaching and some bookeeping”
Me: “She has a job”
Stranger: “She must start soon, here is my card please phone tonight”
Me: “She has a job”
Stranger:“She must ring tonight”
Me: “errrr”
Stranger: “What about you???”
Me: “I have a job thanks”

Why do the locals assume we are all teachers?

Wow - I voted in four categories… :astonished:

What about those of us that are none of the above?

It’s not just the Taiwanese that think this. A lot of expats I’ve met have asked “So… Are you an English teacher?”

Ah, the joys of racial profiling… :s

I too am “none of the above” :stuck_out_tongue:

[quote=“Yellow Cartman”]Ah, the joys of racial profiling… :s

Yes, and to boot I get it here and in america, how come I can’t have a dual passport if I’m gonna be subjected to all that…

Why do the locals assume we are all teachers?[/quote]

Maybe because for most of the native english ones it is true.

The poll interface stopped and wouldn’t let me put others in.

none of the above for me


None of the above for me too … but I get the “so, you’re an English teacher, right?” thing all the time. :unamused:

None of the above.

None of the above (except teacher).

I am no teacher, I am an ABC. At least I must always do the homework of a taiwanese ABC. My wife’s sister son is always watching TV and not learning English. But his parents are always glad to have him bringing home good results from English school.
So they watch me filling in his homework and the next day give HIM candy for good results. :raspberry: And he hardly can speak 2 words in English.

I hate it. I hate it. To write like:

My name is Roy. Today I ate lunch. Pa spilled the soup. Mama went mad.

STOP giving homework to ROY! (he speaks it: LLLLLooooooyyyyiiiiii)

um eh… off topic now

What’s so bad about teaching?

Seen the movie Office Space?

That is my life right now. My favorite quote from the movie is:

Teachers have it great. They work less hours than me and make more money. What the hell am I doing sitting in a cubicle right now??? :help:

Even though it’s not true, I couldn’t resist checking the beautiful “I don’t need to work” option. Sorry.

i get the same, I just say yes, its easier to just go with the flow. Ppl will give U a weird glance or think you are up to something suspicious if U R not an english teacher, whereas if U just say ya I teach english, they know U just wanna get laid and make easy money and not lookin fa trouble :laughing:

I never have this problem any more simply because I seldom see people - I am chained to my cubicle day and night.

Right, same with me. Work in a Taiwan company and you do not need to worry about sparetime anymore. And all dangers you can encounter why on vacation! The Taiwan work law thankfully erased this danger for me.

Hell’s bells!! And to think I’m only here for the beer!! What’s this English-teaching nonsense, anyway?? :astonished: