Allergys/tee shirts

:?:My 2 year old has many severe food allergys (the peanut one potentially fatal). This is a problem as many parents will know, that well meaning people in public places often give kids snacks.

I’ve had the idea of having a couple of tee shirts printed in Chinese characters for him to wear expaining the situation.

Does anyone know where I can find a printer/tee shirt designer willing to process such a small order??

I seem to recall that ax posted somewhere here recently that there is a shop adjacent to Daan park on Hsin Sheng (Xinsheng) S Rd that will do small orders. Maybe you should pm ax to get the details.

If you have a printer you can design your own, print it on special paper and transfer it to a t-shirt. In fact I still have a few sheets

There’s a place on the east side of the Jiantan MRT station that does T-shirts pretty cheap, “Xueliufeng” or something like that.

I have seen ready-made medical bracelets in the USA but not in Taiwan. How about going to the shopping center and buying a bracelet? You can then ask for it to be engraved with whatever text you like. Buy one for each wrist if necessary for more text space. But you would probably have to make a red cross to stick onto the bracelet because your child is too young to show people; in that case your shirt idea is very effective. Maybe you can do both.

Maybe you can print your own? You can buy special thermal transfer paper for clothes. You put the special paper in your printer and print your document or picture to the special paper. Then transfer the image using a standard clothes iron. I have seen many demonstrations in Nova.

Have a photo lab print it for you? If you convert your message to a digital image, you can have any digital photo lab print it onto a T-shirt for you. Just visit a digital developer for more information. The samples are usually hung on the wall.


I’ve had tshirts custom made for me in the states. (Shameless plug: “Made in Taiwan” kids’ shirts availabe at

I could set this up for you (at wholesale cost to you) but you probably don’t need one dozen shirts, do you? And she wouldn’t really be able to sell the remaining screens which she does for free, minimum 25.

We’ll talk Wed if you want to know more.

The simpler way would be to do it off your printer, and iron them onto some tshirts. But then where to find the plain tshirts? (I think I could manage a small order of blanks if interested)

Sarah, if you’ve already done this then forget it, but my bosses daughter WILL NOT eat any kind of sweet at all without her parets permission. Sounds a bit better than a walking billboard.

People often rent stores that are in-between contracts for the purpose of selling leftovers from other stores. You can easy find some plain children’s T-shirts for $99. There are often stores like these, south (walking distance) of the Taipei Main Station MRT.