Alternate Scooter Routes

Today I wanted to go to Sanxia (三峽)from the west side of Taipei. Once I got to Banqiao, I realized I couldn’t take my scooter on the National 3, and I didn’t know how to get around this problem!

I’m not looking for directions to Sanxia; what I want to know is where exactly scooters can’t go, and what I can do to still get to my destination. I usually take buses and the MRT, so up til now, I haven’t really noticed if there are access roads for the major freeways outside the city.

Banqiao is a mine field for scooters and motorcycles, because some bridges are not for motorcycles and the ones that are have the scooter on and off ramps in silly places, like Yong He or Rio de Janero. I still get confused.
I always go to San Xia via the 110. It takes longer, but there are fewer traffic lights, the road is rural and there are no bridges with space/time issues.

+1 Take the 110. It also has some curves in the stretches between towns.

any national freeways/expressways i believe are a no scooter zone. more recently those bigger bikes (i think 500cc+??) are allowed on some, but im not sure on the details on those. But most other roads allow scooters, and if they dont they often have signs stating that this road is a non scooter road (though outside of cities these seem rare and even more rare than people actually follow them.

Feel free to take the cycle-paths :neutral:.

So scooters can go on the white square numbers and the round red triangle roads? Only the 國道X號 (the flower symbol roads) are no go?

Are there access roads running along these national freeways outside the city?

if you look at Google maps, you can’t go on the flower or red triangle routes and blue blue triangle routes will require looking at road signs

+2 Take the 110. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, it’s the two-lane road that runs through the hills of rural Xindian to Sanxia. From Taipei, you can get there by taking Roosevelt Road south out of Taipei over the bridge into Xindian, then continuing to follow the main road till you see a big bridge on your right. Cross the bridge over to Bitan and follow the signs to Sanxia.

In my opinion, Banqiao is pretty damn ugly, not to mention easy to get lost in. I generally avoid it.

As for what roads you can’t take, the flowers represent freeways (國道), and the red numbers (usually 60 and above) are expressways. Both are off-limits to scooters. All the 省道 (blue triangles with white letters) are OK. However, you do have to be careful on major roads that you don’t ride in the inner lanes labeled 禁行機車. And if you see an on ramp, check for “no scooters” signs like this as well as “cars and heavy motorcycles only” signs.

Oh, and one more thing: watch out for “two-stage left turn only” signs like this at major intersections. Good luck!

Actually no thankfully that is very very rare.

StuartCa, that was exactly what I was looking for! Thanks.

And haokaiyang, thanks for those Chinese terms for the roads. I do know how to follow signs, though! :stuck_out_tongue:

Recommendation that worked well as I went to Jiufen, a place whose roads I wasn’t familiar with: use Google’s walking setting and it’ll keep away from the forbidden roads!

Freeways (flower sign) are no go for 2-wheelers. Expressways (red triangles) are for the red-plated 2-wheelers (550cc+). Provicinial highways (blue triangles) and all other roads are fine for scooters.