Alternative Chinese mandarin teachings (beginner)

I am so stocked to learn chinese mandarin lenguage.

I would love to know if you guys have a reference of a taiwanese teacher!
I would like to learn in a inspiring and alternative way of teach that precious ancient lenguage, out door, visiting places, sharing tea…

Thank you so much!

Iam Berta from spain. and my mail is

It’s great you are stocked!

I saw your same post on Facebook. Are you just looking for a private one-on-one teacher or a school?

I know some one on one teachers and I’m sure other people know some. They mostly charge from $400 to $1,000 per hour.

Do you mean stoked?

I’m just going with what he said.

I’m inspiring, alternative, effective, and fluent in Spanish, but I’m not particularly cheap.

Yeah but he doesn’t speak English natively. Do you?

Um, yes, and I’m professionally bilingual in Spanish. And Mandarin. Unless that makes me professionally trilingual? Not sure what your point is.

I was replying to tango42

K, then you want to use the brown Reply thing, not the blue one down below…it’ll keep it together better. Sometimes, anyway. :crossed_fingers:

I did. It was a direct reply using the brown button, and appears as such in this thread.