Alternative new titles to "Taxi driver, directing traffic"

I wish to make an alteration to Forumosa. My current ‘handle’ if you will, is ‘Taxi driver directing traffic.’
I have no wish to be associated with those bastions of all that is wrong with the roads here, and would rather be assigned one of the following:

  1. Betelnut bomber.
  2. First signs of asthma.
  3. Wordy Worderson.
  4. Car owner.
  5. Bush lurker.

Can someone make a decision please?

:bravo: Got my vote.

Try these:

Dry shaving teppanyaki chef
NT$450 suit
Pink-and-white striped plastic bag
Horizontal cellphone holster
Cranegrab game hacker
Shrinkwrapped bamboo laundry pole
Streethosing Thai labourer


Blue plastic grease barrel

Male toilet mopping Female

Old guy with conical palm leaf hat pushing 3-wheeled bicycle trash cart

But this would have to be the replacement for “newbie”, wouldn’t it?

Works at 7-11

  1. Has tattooed eyebrows
  2. Video Gambling Den Owner
  3. Martial Law Baby
  4. Single Lucky Long-Stranded Facial Hair

Japanese Occupation-Missing Septuguenarian

Couldn’t we just get rid of them? I hate labels. There are times when you could inadvertantly find yourself in the same category as bob.

Taiwan Traffic Cop

“auxillary traffic pylon”

1.Whining British wanna-be transvestite
2.Pole dancing funeral stripper
3.Middle aged Female Construction Worker
4.Window screen fixing street peddler
5.Mini-skirt wearing unmarried-night market mother
6.Unemployed Shrimp Fishing IT Engineer

I think these are the same thing… :smiley:

Duck Farm Boy

Purse-Carrying Sogo Victim
Roach-Killing Machine
Chicken Bus Tour Guide
Night Market Briefcase Vendor
Pixelated Porn Prince(ss)
Slack-jawed Betel Nut Muncher
Hello Kitty Shop Owner
Roxy 99 Toilet Scrubber
Carnegie’s Finest

I agree with Loretta.

We can freely decide whether or not to have avatars and signatures, yet these ridiculous post-count labels are foisted upon us.

“Ink Still Wet In Passport”? I wish.

Hang on a sec… Goose Egg and Maoman seem to be exempt.
I guess they’re more equal than others.

Yeah, I don’t like the “Mastered Beer in Chinese” one either. I don’t drink.

I know it’s a funny stereotype of foreigners in Taiwan, but…
I used to have to take deep calming breaths when I saw it near my name. I have no good associations with that word.