Alternative Schools In or Around Taipei

My husband and I have been flirting with moving to Taipei for quite some time. We spent a month there together a few years ago, my husband was given a tour of Lotus Hill, and he has travelled there for work often enough that he gets a lot of love from China Airlines. While it did not suit us to move there before, we now have an extremely compelling reason to move to Taipei in about a year.

We currently live with our two children who have just turned four and five in Kuala Lumpur. They currently attend a Waldorf/Steiner pre-school here. There is a large population of local and foreign Chinese here so we are already working with the school to find an age-appropriate and non-stressful way for them to start learning Mandarin. We hope this will make showing up in Taiwan less daunting for them.

The only school we have been able to find a lot of information about in English is Ci-Xing Waldorf in Yi-Lan. This sounds fantastic, but we are concerned about being socially isolated. Have any of you moved to Yi-Lan for education reasons? What other options are there in Taipei? (Ilan) (Nangang near Lotus Hill)

I think your best bet would be to ask at the Nangang school. Note that it is unlikely you will get a response by email–you might have better luck if you call but you will need to be patient because not everyone will speak English

I see that Nangang Elementary School (the one with the bilingual class) also has a kindergarten program that accepts/targets foreign students in the area. This link is all in Chinese though. … %2Fnkps-tp

Thanks for the responses!

I’ve come across that other school in Yi-Lan before, but I’m not finding a lot of information about it in English.

I’ve never seen Nangang specifically mentioned before. Bi-lingual is nice, but does it strictly follow the national curriculum?

My kids have been going to schools where a lot of time is spent outside and there is no academic pressure. It has been a really great fit for them. From what I have read about the international schools in Taipei it would not be possible for them to continue to learn in this way while attending them. Finding a ‘child-centric’ environment is more important to us than the language of instruction.

Unless you are dealing with the American or European schools, there is not going to be much information in English. If you go visit them, they will be able to communicate with you though.

Not sure. It’s a public school, so probably.

This is going to be a real problem in Taiwan. I think the school in Yilan has more possibilities in this direction simply due to its physical environment.

I suggest you pm Petrichor and also find the thread about the ‘mountain schools’

I don’t actually know very much at all about Steiner or Montessori schools here, but I’m sure there’s information on the forum if the OP does a search.

I did encounter one experimental school, which looked interesting, but you’d have to live in Wulai to be close enough.