Alternative Schools in Taipei

田園小學 = First, what does this say? (Copied off an email from a friend.)

Does anyone know anything about this group of schools that is supposedly part of the Taipei public school system but is run with a lot of parental involvement, a little less emphasis on desk learning and more on being outdoors, learning about nature?

Here are two schools that I want to visit in the next couple of weeks:

Da Jia Elementary, Chung Shan District

Ping Deng Elementary, Shihlin District, somewhere in the mountains

There is a third school in Xindian that sounds like it would be a great place for my very spirited boy, by I don’t have a website or even a Chinese name. It translates to the “Seed School” and is a private school. Does anyone know of it and is there a website? It’s too far and therefore not an option for us but it sounds like a place worth visiting.


You’re at Lotus Hill aren’t you? A few people including possibly our son are going to Dongshan next year. It’s a bit of a bus ride, but open to all regardless of where in Taipei County you live. It’s small (one class per year), there’s a nice garden, they do fun activities and the mountainside is just out the back.

I live in Xi Zhi and just found out about Dongshan. It sounds great and I’d like to hear about how your experiences go. It’s still a long way of for us but it’s really never to early to start worrying is it? :laughing: