Alternative to uber

Sometimes, I travel by uber. But, thinking to myself, is there a better option? I can look for taxi, but it is not available always. Is there any app for taxi or cars for 5-10 minutes of ride other than uber?

55688 app. biggest cab company in TW, over 10,000 cars.


That’s also FindTaxi.

It’s like Uber but for taxis.


Yoxi app.
But I still always use Uber

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Sometimes the UX leaves a bit to be desired, but overall the 55688 app is alright. I find 55688 to be cheaper than Uber fairly often.

I haven’t used these functions yet, but they also have options for calling assistance to jumpstart your own car, request a mover, or even have someone come drive you home in your own car if you’re out and have been drinking.

My claim to fame (or maybe shame, depending on how you feel about it) is that I inadvertently contributed to the 55688 app development. Back in Uber’s wild west days when Uber was operating in very grey areas but before they got kicked out I had a young Uber driver who kept asking me all kinds of questions about why I used Uber, how I used it, the best and worst parts of the app, etc. Turns out he was a programmer tasked by 55688 with developing their app and was going undercover as an Uber driver to collect firsthand data.

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That’s interesting!
How did you find this out?

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I asked why he was asking so many questions :rofl:

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Line taxi. It’s all in Chinese though, but very good imo.

Are these guys – – still around? I took them from the airport a few years ago and it was my first time in a Tesla :slight_smile:

Some more background

Thanks so much for all your replies. Will look into all these apps.

For what it’s worth, in a sick twist of fate, I got back to the HSR station in Taichung last night to find my car battery was dead so I had a chance to use 55688’s Jump function. Someone arrived within 10 mins to give me a jump. Super fast. Super easy. 500NTD (kind of expensive for a 30-second jump)

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Awesome thanks for the report.

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sounds kind of cheap, given the situation?
super-cheap compared with a roadside recovery service

I guess so. Though, I’ve gotten jumps before in more remote locations for never more than 300.