Aluminum plant tags?

aluminum plant tags. no other metal as they need to stand up to the weather and not deteriorate long term. any thoughts are greatly welcomed. they can be any shape, plain color preferred and have at least one hole in them (for a wire to hang on trees).

I see these here a lot in parks and such, but i swear to god the people running the nurseries drank too much tea because they just cant seem to get their heads around metal plant tags…

pet tags are too expensive, looking for over 1000 so price is a factor. I found them online easy, but most places have a high minimum order, and they are western prices, i want taiwan prices seen as they are likely made here or across the straight anyway :bow:

would also like to get suggestions for other uses for similar products so i can go check those kinds of shops. I’m not picky, just big enough, right metal, and can be stamped.