Am I able to have medication brought to me in quarantine?

Hey all,

I am unable to get a specific medication I need in time for my flight out. I have a prescription from a doctor here locally and it is not an abusable medication or anything.

If I pay the hotel I am staying at will they go out and get the medication for me? I am just wondering to what extent they will help you out beyond just bringing you 7/11.

Thank you if you have any knowledge.

If they won’t or can’t (more likely) get it for you, call the COVID helpline and explain that you will be ill without your medicine. They won’t let that happen as if you become sick you will have to leave quarantine and be sent to a hospital, which they will see as a risk. The place I quarantined at was so scared we would get sick that we weren’t allowed to order food from restaurants in case we got diarrhea or food poisoning. If you quarantine at a government facility, the staff are mostly nurses and I would imagine that would make it easier to get medication. There are likely regulations in place for this sort of thing, and procedures all hotels have to follow, so best to ring them first and check. Good luck.

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Cheers mate

It depends on the hotel, but most will go out of their ways to help. Leave a couple thousand NT’s with the front desk when you check in for incidentals that you might need them to pick up for you(Wish I had done that.)As for the medication, you can also ask your quarantine advisor (a city clerk or a foreign affairs officer) for help.

This is great advice cheers. There is almost guaranteed to be something I forget or run out of.
It is going to be an interesting solitary confinement type experience.