Am I entitled to leave under Taiwan Labor Law?


My Taiwanese wife is pregnant and due in August, 2002. I work legally for an American company and have an ARC and work permit. I am a USA citizen.

Am I entitled to any kind of leave involving my wife’s pregnancy under Taiwan Labor Law? I noticed my Taiwanese colleague (a female) got almost 3 months off (paid) from work to have her baby.

We have no one around to help out so I’ll have to take time off to do my fair share of the house work, take care of the other child, etc and will definitely need the time off.

Thanks in advance for your answer.

The repercussions of a 9/11 'baby boom' has been confirmed. (Congratulations to daddy). Can a foreigner qualify for a 'foreign maid' in Taiwan?

This option could certainly make up for any lost wages of a ARC breadwinner. – Jeff Geer

Thanks. But you have not answered my question. I am not a millionare, not even close. We cannot afford a maid.

Again: Under Taiwan labor law am I entitled to any leave for the birth of our second child. I have heard rumors that there is.

I consulted the Taiwan labor law guide. Women get time off. There was no mention of a husband getting time off. Does anyone know? Thanks.

Originally posted by martian: Thanks. But you have not answered my question.

I am not a millionare, not even close. We cannot afford a maid.

Sorry, I still can't answer your question about leave laws. When we had our first child in Taipei my wife got a month's paid leave but I did not--I just took a week off work so I could stay with her in the hospital. (My wife's mother came to stay with us for the first month, which helped a lot. There's no way I would have learned to cook that post-partum food myself. Yuck!)

Anyway, even if there is a provision for paternal leave, it would almost certainly be unpaid. If this is the case, hiring a maid might not be as costly as taking leave yourself. I doubt you could justify hiring a full-time maid from overseas, but if you have local friends they might be able to suggest a good maid or amah to help to help out part-time and/or temporarily. That would probably work out to less than you would lose in income by taking off. Just something to consider.


From what I recall, the spouse to a women giving birth is entitled to 2 or 3 days of leave under the Labor Standards Law. It is either 2 or 3 days, no more.