Am I hot or not

Haven’t you seen this? Hours of wasted time await you.

It’s great fun, Mod. Thanks for the link. But you’re right – it’s hard to stop once you give it a try. I’ve just wasted half an hour on it.

I am surprised at how generous people are with their ratings. I found that most of them deserved at best a 3 or 4, but ones that I gave just 1 or 2 to often have averages of 8 or 9. There are some people with very strange tastes out there! I found a couple who were worthy of 8’s, but only stopped when at last I found one worthy of a 9. At least most people agreed with me there – she had the highest average of any I’d seen, at 9.8 (a slender-waisted sultry Oriental by the name of Dalisha, in case you’ve come across her pic.). I’ll definitely go back to the site again when I have some more time to squander.

Same here. Maybe I really am picky, but I just rated about 40 women on that site and never once rated someon above their average. My normal difference was about 4 points from the average and once 7.9 less!


And if you thought that link was too much fun to handle, wait till you derive endless hours of entertainment from this similar site:

Mod lang, that’s downright scatological. Shame on you!

Does this guy not look like Ian Wright of Lonely Planet fame?

Bri, you’re right. But the girl pictured in the link below definitely deserves her high rating:

How is one expected to compete with Brad Pitt look-a-likes?

If this is not that guy from Whose lis is it? then I’ll eat my shorts.


For those of you who were wondering what Blueface looks like:

Holy Crap!

This was the first, I think:
Am I Hot?

Not so keen on housework is she:

You’d think for what she’s wearing in the photo, she wouldn’t need to wash that many clothes…or maybe she’s wearing that because everything else she has is dirty.

Mod Lang, unless you intend to post your picture and have it rated by us…you should change the title of this thread to “Hot or Not”

PS. I need a laugh, post your picture!

[quote=“Alleycat”]If this is not that guy from Whose lis is it? then I’ll eat my shorts.[/quote]

Holy shniff! It is Colin Mochrie! How did you find that, Alleycat?!

He checked his picture 31 hours ago.

I like that guy. Gave him a ten. But all the people I rated 2s got averages of 8 or higher. That can’t be right. And who are these Taiwanese-American dudes? Let’s get some Forumosans on there and see if the numbers jump.

Hot or Not ?

Don’t you guys think there are sooo many fake pictures there?!

Warning some of these contain adult content:

I had once found a link to over 100 rate me sites, but I can’t find it now.


Hehe … I’m hotter than my boyfriend … I got an 8, and he only got a 7.3! :laughing:

The consistently high ratings are very hard to understand. My guess is that the site pads the numbers to avoid people’s feelings getting hurt and encourage more people to participate. Perhaps they automatically add one or more perfect ten scores to every genuine rating that’s made. It must be something like that, otherwise the numbers are quite unbelievable. For example, there are plenty who score 9.8s, and I’ve even seen a 9.9. Getting a 9.9 means that for every person who thinks you’re less than perfect and gives “only” a 9 rating, another nine people would have to give perfect 10 ratings. I cannot belive that so high a proportion of people would be as generous as that, especially given how subjective evaluations of attractiveness (or “hotness”) are. It’s rare indeed to find almost universal agreement that any particular person is outstandingly gorgeous.

But regardless of any doubts about the figures, it’s still a lot of fun scan through and vote on the pictures.

I’ll bite.

Golly !

I’ll be spending some time here.

Ok, now everyone can participate in the childish little contest my boyfriend and I are having on who’s “hotter” … as of my last check, I was at 8.6 and he was at 8 … and if anyone gives me anything lower than a 6, I swear I’ll track you down and give you a good old-fashioned whippin’ … :laughing:

My BF:

Happy voting! :wink: