Am I too old to come back to Taiwan?


Hi guys, I wanted to ask your honest opinion because I guess some of you might be or have been in my situation. So, I am a native speaker (UK) teacher I am certified/TESOL with 12 years experience. I find myself back in the UK with no desire to get into teaching here. I am single, gay - (not that it’s an issue, but just saying), male. I don’t have any friends here (they’ve all moved away or have have families of their own, young kids etc and I hate it! I really want to settle for a couple of years in a place where I can have a nice life and meet some people, make friends and I have no desire to do this here in the UK and thought instead of going somewhere new why not give Taiwan a try (again) considering that I was only there a year before and ended up spending my time in Luxy and in other clubs. There was a lot I liked about Taiwan and I guess it has pluses in that eventually if one likes it they can get APRC. I have 2 job offers one in Taipei and one in Tainan - I am leaning towards Tainan as I have done Taipei and I am not really into the nightlife it offers etc, and let’s not talk about the weather! The salary is pretty decent 70k (65k during 3 month probation) - would I be crazy to leave everything I have (which is nothing) to come and start again at 35 in Taiwan? I just don’t wanna be in a situation where I am the oldest amongst young recent grads there to party (like it was in Prague)

I’d be glad to hear your thoughts.


35 isn’t old. English teaching gigs will likely be harder to get around 45. The years will pass by quickly here and before you know it you’ll go from being considered an exotic mysterious foreigner into a dirty old grandpa.
Unless you’re sent here as an expat most will end up teaching. I think if Taiwan really relaxed it’s duel citizenship rules then it would be more attractive. Maybe you can come back for one year then make a decision after that , as you said you got nothing to lose back home anyway.


You’re one of the youngest posters on Forumosa.


Yes, I guess. How about the idea of living outside of Taipei? I’ll be giving up a private bilingual school job up for a buxiban but I guess it’s less work in the end.


Depends which Cram school, I think either this site or Tealit have a list of ones to avoid. And private bilingual schools might be full of kids who want to burn things down with flame throwers :rofl:
(kidding, sort of)


Ha, I was expecting you to say you were in your 60s…


I’m not even 60 quite yet:sunglasses:
However, I bet I can still bench press more than anyone in here despite my face now starting to look like a bulldog that just chewed a wasp.


Where do you guys live? Is Tainan nice?


Yeah , but honestly I love Taipei and New Taipei city. I usually turn around after a few days south of Taichung and head back to Taipei.


What’s Taichung like?


Say it ain’t so!

Is this really the case in Taiwan?


when you get to my age if I’m still alive and posting here let me know :+1::rofl:
Anyway welcome back, if you get here.


You’ll be fine, especially if you look a bit young for your age.


I’ve seen a lot of older people in their 50s and 60s at cram schools. Doesn’t seem a big issue, maybe at some schools. Adult schools tend to not care.


Do schools discriminate against older people? Isn’t there value seen in older people teaching here?

(Not saying 50 is old to all the boomers reading this)


Ive heard some do but I’ve been in various schools that have hired people in their 50s and 60s so I don’t think it’s a big issue.
I’ve heard in Korea its almost impossible to get hired as a teacher when older as they are bigger on appearances.



Tbh, I would prefer a geriatric teacher to some young buck.

With age comes wisdom, or some junk like that.


cheers that’s what all the women tell me too, but I think they just feel sorry for me he he


Guys, any of you in Taichung? Would you recommend it? How cold does it get?


Only been there a couple times, but Taichung has a nice park that always has something interesting (live music, cultural exhibits, etc) going on. There’s also a great afternoon/night market area.

Some people here are negative about Taichung, but my limited encounters with it have been positive.