Am I too old to come back to Taiwan?


go to Tainan. Try it out.
Your money will go a lot farther there than in Taipei.


Gaw dang fcukin 35 ! You are a fcukin baby!

Shit I wish I was 35 again

Go to Taiwan. It’s an adventure but don’t let it kill u cuz it can


What do you mean? I have received 2 emails from 2 schools in Taichung… Signs point to there! I should have done this years ago.


Just lie. I told them I was 8 years younger.

Don’t let them see your drivers license. Take your wallet with you when you take a bath…leave the money out on the dresser.

Better yet take her with you when you take a bath.


use search function for “Taichung” or any other non-Taipei city you are considering.
All kinds of info to help in your decision.


have you not been outside of taipei? taipei is several times more developed than other places on the island.



Taipei :point_up_2:

non-Taipei :point_up_2:


Spent my year in the party capital


It never really gets cold in Taichung. The climate is great for Taiwan, almost always sunny, but it can get a bit smoggy that’s all.


The UK is freezing, that’s welcome news!


I spent my military time in Taichung. Other than a bit more gang activities (nowhere near as bad as even medium sized cities in America), it’s actually pretty good if you can get over the fact that there is no MRT. Things are cheaper, food is cheaper and better. Those sun cakes are pretty good too.


you’ve been gone a bit…


35 is young.
You are a licensed teacher. Why is everyone talking about cram schools? You would be NUTS to go to a cram school. With your qualifications you could make BANK! 70K is peanuts. You should be aiming for 85K or higher and looking at international or private schools.


You shouldn’t come for anything less than 100k, unless you got savings from before. You need to put aside 50k minimum per month if you plan on building up any savings, and with income less than 100k that’s going to be close to impossible. Even 100k will be living frugal…


I did military in 2004…


He’s single with no kids… For 100k/month, he could be living high on the hog, especially if he’s not in Taipei.


Well, I said he would probably want to save minimum 50k, so that would leave 50 to live on. 50 will go super fast, even when not factoring in rent


And I said, if he’s not in Taipei, he’ll be living high on the hog. Even with saving 50k, he won’t be living “frugal.” 50K is plenty to live on; I have no problem living on that, even when factoring in rent. And I’m in a 2-bedroom apartment with kitchen, living room, and in a modern building. Plus underground parking spots for my car and scooter. :idunno:


well, just lower your expectations thats all. outside of taipei the transport is not as good, theres usually no pavements. won’t be anywhere near the choice of food options. even less foreigners than taipei which is already low. weather is a big plus though


So, in Taipei the costs would be something like this

Weekday breakfast , 250( say Starbucks and similar)
Lunch 250(sushi express and similar)
Dinner 200-400, so let’s say 300

The above already is 800/day. Add in perhaps a nice dinner twice a week, that’s 2 x 2k with drinks

The above would be around 30k/ month, and then you need shit such as clothes, perhaps some occasional trip, etc