Am I too old to come back to Taiwan?


You ever hear of Kindle? :popcorn:


I’ve borrowed and read many English books from various libraries in Taiwan.
Quite a lot if interesting pickings.





lol 250 for brekkie

250 for sushitty express too. :joy: I can get a much better and cheaper lunch for no more than 100.


i frickin loved taichung man. ITS an awesome place. And yes you can go up to taipei in 90 mins drive or down to Ktown in 2 hours drive.
Only bad thing .NO decent beaches around. The west coast is not suitable for swimming near taichung. NO ocean activity basically .

YOu can go to SunMoon Lake but after u been there 3 times thats enough. And you can drive up to Kukuan where the EW cross island highway comes to a complete stop. Nice hot springs there.

But yeah, taichung can be provincial.
But it aint bad.


Man I don’t know how you are eating but no way in hell you can spend 250 on breakfast. I eat like a king at yonghe soy milk and I spend 100.


So,I have breakfast at home. But that’s what the prices are if you are having breakfast out or pick something up on the way from a place like Starbucks.

Having a coffee at Starbucks now, so that one is 135 and all the prices of the food seem to be around 100 or more, so coffee and food will be around 250


My condolences. :wink:


Boy, you are really addicted to eating at the crappy chains (such as Starbucks and Sushi Express). I promise you there’s probably better food you can get for half (or even a third) the price within a stone’s throw away from you.


Eating breakfast at Starbucks is not exactly “frugal”.

Eat breakfast at home. You can make your own pork burger (if you are into those kind of things) and a pack of 20 patties is like 150nt.

Even having coffee at 7-11 is much cheaper than Starbucks and you will be hard pressed to spend 150 there.


So, no, I’m just pointing out the cost level using brands the op might know.

A bowl of ramen or beef noodles down in sogo or 101 food court will put you back the same as sushi express


If you’re going to come to Taiwan and dine exclusively at places you’re familiar with, what’s the point of coming to Taiwan?


The weather?


So, no need to eat at same as back home, as said I just used the brands to give the op an idea of the cost


But you chose things that are more expensive than most local choices for cost comparison.


The convenience, Shirley?


That, and the excellent television programming.


I didn’t mention the 101 food court as an alternative. :thinking:

My way of example would be there’s an awesome mom and pop place a couple blocks from me that does a killer Kung Pao for 75 NTD. Has the chicken, rice, egg, greens, the right hits of chili and it blows what you get at the big chains out of the water for a fraction of the price.

I understand some expats here gravitate towards big, familiar chains out of a sense of comfort or perhaps because they view them as clean or consistent (I know a guy who eats at McDonalds like 3 or 4 times a week). It’s not my call to say you’re wrong for following that kind of routine. But it’s not what I’d do here, especially if I wanted to maximize my budget to save money for other things.


So, I agree the local places are far better than the chains. But, the local places are not really that different from the chains except they taste better

So, think say a hamburger at selfless burger will set you back 250 or a half plate of ribs at baba Kevin is 250 + 200 for a beer

If you go for sushi, you can easily drop a 1000 on it at some local place

Now, what the situation is at those mom and pop places, sure it’s cheaper but it’s also a nightmare to order


250 bucks for breakfast every day???
Are you mental???