Am I too old to come back to Taiwan?


But there aren’t any burgers for breakfast, so no.


Mmmmn… tastes like cancer. :drooling_face:


I’ve never had a breakfast at any of these places. Always get there too late.

I prefer the Whopper to the Big Mac, though. Admittedly, it’s difficult to finish either when sober.


Anyways, these joints are easily double (or more) what you’d pay at Joe’s Breakfast, and I still can’t imagine one person eating NT$250 worth of food there for breakfast.
Unless you were, like, Hellboy or something.

Does Starbuck’s sell, like, fuckin NT$200 sammiches or something???


Anywhere, even in Europe.


I’d never eat McDonalds back in the states, but sometimes… very occasionally… I eat it here. Because all the other burger places in Kaohsiung really suck.

I always feel guilty after though.


It’s Starbucks, they can charge whatever they want and people buy it.


You’d need to eat two big mac meals.

Starbucks is silly expensive for what they offer. I think it’s more of an experience than anything to do with coffee or snacks.


It’s just ‘washed’ out smoke.


One school is Taichung is offering 80k. It’s a private school


Where do you live?


who needs that stuff when you can build factory’s and nuclear power plants right on the coast?

taiwanese keep trying to attract tourists now that the mainlanders don’t come anymore. heres an idea, build some facking beaches! it would be an improvement on those star rock thingys anyway.


I used to be a tech writer in Taipei & hate reading off a screen, even a phone


So, 135 for a coffee and around 100 for some sandwich

But look, I didn’t I say eat there, just saying it’s kind of the going rate for a establishment similar to Starbucks.

As far as I remember I haven’t eat Starbucks breakfast in Taipei, but as above, it’s the going rate in that level establishment. And, I probably would have to pick some up at that level if I worked in a office, which I don’t at the moment

I personally eat breakfast at home, except weekends, and those times breakfast is around 600 per person(think woolomoolo or toasteria), but that’s not working day breakfast in my world


Wait, when is breakfast ever 600 a person? Even if I go to my friend’s British pub and order his English breakfast special it’ll still be less than that.


I’m starting to realize why you think somebody making 100k would have to live a frugal life. Because you have horrible money management skills. Eat at any of the thousands of breakfast shops for 50 NT, including a drink. I just saved you more than 6000 bucks a month!


I never eat breakfast. Beat that for cost savings.


And I think I splurge when I have brunch for 250 or 300… To pay 600 is wrong. You could do a hotel buffet for that.

Heck, I know a sushi place where 3 people eat their fill for 1000.

Usually the places that sell 135 NTD coffee have sandwiches with salad and fries. Full meal. So OKish.

One place you can easily spend 500 NTD is Heritage café: order coffee with sandwich and cake. But you will wobble out or have half a sandwich to go.


He really needs someone to help manage his money. Being a Good Samaritan I will selflessly volunteer my services. :smiling_imp:


Recently whatever the thread it will migrate to talking about food :love_you_gesture:

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