Am I too old to come back to Taiwan?


Nope, American Morris Chang was over 55, when he came and started with TSCM. Ofc he decided not to do English teaching or enjoy retirement, but rather opening company


Nowhere very desirable. It’s kinda in the boondocks of Dayuan. Nothing very close by, hence the affordable price. But I like it, it’s very quiet. I get zero road noise and it’s super convenient for me to get to/from work.


You guys are nuts.

Hijacking the thread to talk about food.


So, that’s awesome, but around 600 seems to be the going rate.

Take woolomoolo, 250 for a eggs Benedict, 2 coffee for 150 and you are close to 600

Can’t remember if they got service charge


I don’t know this Woolomooloo. Keep in mind, I don’t live in Taipei. As a general rule of thumb. I try not to let the price of my drinks approach the price of the meal I’m ordering (unless the drinks are alcoholic of course). Anyway, I think we’ve beaten this dead horse to pulp. It boils down to this; you follow a different path than most of us when it comes to spending money on daily food expenditures (and also choice of food). But that seems to make you happy, so that’s fine. Carry on.


Back to OT, if I was you I would consider Kaohsiung, it seams to get a bit of a bashing but I would find it comparable to Manchester UK (with better weather and a couple of beaches).

You don’t have to worry about the cold in winter, it’s the heat in summer that’s the killer :slight_smile:

There are a couple of beaches around the water is not the best but it beats Blackpool. It has easy public transport. The traffic has its moments, but to me it’s not as bad as others seam to make out. It has a vibrant art scene, as for gay / clubbing scene I have no idea, but there are that many rainbow flags I thought it was the city colours.

From here it’s easy to explore other parts of the south, east and west. You can base yourself here for a year, if you like it stay, if not you will have a better understanding of the life out of Taipei.

With your qualifications I would send my CV direct to some of the university/ high school and try and avoid and agents, you will probably get a better job that way.

What do you have to loose? It sounds like you have few things to stay for and the weather is getting you down, at least here at worst you will be warm and miserable :crazy_face:

  1. It is Shida/Daan area. Place is aimed at students and tourists… with money. It is not the norm. Maybe in Xinyi area you will find similar pricing. But their focus is not Average Joe market.

It is like eating at Friday´s or Chili´s… outside of their lunch specials.

If you try similar coffee/brunch themed places elsewhere, like Gongguan, even Xindian, or prices wil do down significantly.

  1. Yep, learning to read Chinese opens the possibilities for food and travel exponentially.


I second. :roll_eyes:


I thought I was spending so much on food. I’m running like 500-600 probably a day. But I cook my own, and eat like 5x a day.

But seriously, 250 on starbucks. Nah.


If you do as the average office worker it’s more like this:

Breakfast 50 NT$
Lunch 80-120 NT$
Dinner 100 NT$
Coffee/tea 45 NT$
Afternoon snack 30 NT$
Cigarettes 70 NT$


Of course the Belgian guy had to include cigarettes in the budget. :wink:



I swim near the wetlands. Idk if it’s the best idea tho.


Darn, I forgot the daily beer 35-68 NT$! :rofl:


What terrible cigarettes are 70 nt?


Long Life?

Maybe he buys the carton at the airport, tax free. I have had drivers pick me up with that request: grab one carton of … Long Life. :wall:

I offer to get better ones, but no, they want those


Even Long Life are taxed up to NT$80/pack now


So a little while ago I went and got lunch for both me and my wife. For the both of us, including drinks, it was 200 NTD. :sunglasses:


just go to the local brekfast places, they are awesome. don’t think i’ve ever paid more than $100 for my brekfast here.


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