Am I too old to come back to Taiwan?


lol what? Should I even ask, or should I just chalk this up to BP’s general weirdness?


Wow, I haven’t seen this since I was a kid. Kinda want to rewatch it now.

EDIT: It’s on Netflix. Awesome.


Bp… maybe the Belgian “waffles” a bit :joy:


Easily one of the Top 10 Most Quotable Movies Ever

“Yeah, well I got two words for you, Shut the Fuck Up”


This has all gotten way too silly.

The answer is the OP isn’t too old to come back to Taiwan.


But in a few years, he’ll probably be too old to leave. :hushed:


Who died and made you the Silly Sheriff?


I got a promotion.


So get your round in already, chop chop.


so you are saying by eating at cheap places it should be unhealthy enough to make my poop orange or something?

ok where can i find the gourmet dan bings and dou jiang? that will surely turn my poop back to brown again please help me…


I was thinking of Kaohsiung but my job search has only been successful in Taipei/Taichung?tainan


Keep looking, if you want it I’m sure there is something out there. I’m not in education so not really sure where to point you.


Chinese used to check the Emperors poop and control his diet.


I check my cats poo to see if he’s eating right


That’s the key point , so I think that if he comes then plan to come for a year then make a decision and if you’re not sure then get the hell out fast, however if you really really love it then stay


We had a similar position in British royalty. Entrance to the privy chamber was particularly valued and the Groom of the Stool was highly respected.


I was also thinking is he too old to stay where he is and just vegetate??


We all do that after a certain age.


Exactly so if he is not particularly fond of his current situation where he is he may as well go somewhere else then?


There are different comfort zones for the vegetation process. :slightly_smiling_face:
How about coming here for a year then seeing what happens after Brexit , (if it ever happens).