Am working in Taiwan for a few weeks, any ideas?


This is my first time on here, I am working for a few weeks in Taipei and then staying on for a while with a view to maybe moving out there in the future. The usual story, divorced last year and making a new start. I have woorked all over Asia so I do have some idea of what it is like.
 Anyway, all boring stuff, I was just wondering what was the best way or place to meet females in Taipei, and I don't necessarily mean for the obvious reason, just friendship initially as I get bored of my own company. Any ideas would be welcome.

Why are you so anti-male company? Men need friends too ya know. I mean, now my feelings are all hurt. :frowning:

Men are better than women anyway. We don’t care how much you drink, or spend, or how you dress. We watch the same loud boring sports events as you, and we couldn’t care less about the mold growing in your shower or the unwashed dishes in your sink.


And check out the next HAppy Hour, 12/14 at Carnegies. Lots of potential manfriends there, and TpeBob is MORE than willing to listen to ALL your stories about travel and women. :slight_smile:

Welcome to Forumosa!

You missed the point. He was politely asking where to find the Taipei 100…

And jd answered! Carnage. (Probly not at HH though)


Maybe because he’s not into the homosexual thing?